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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Company Spotlight: Purus Cosmetics

Here's another installment of Company Spotlight with the Bloggin' Beauts... I'm getting good at these aren't I? :)

Today we have Purus Cosmetics. This is one of those stories that I'm happy to say I've heard personally. Usually, you pick up a magazine or turn on the tv and hear about a young entrepreneur and wonder why you couldn't be so resourceful or money-savvy when you were younger. But lo and behold, it is one of our own Bloggin' Beauts! (I personally am also heavily envious of her html savvyness, but that's for my personal well of wishes...)

Welcome Dana Laurie (known to twitteratti & youtube as danapotter16), founder and creator of Purus Cosmetics.

About the company from the site:
"Every company has a great story. Purus Cosmetics is no exception.

Purus Cosmetics stands for much more than another brand trying to make people look perfect. We aim to change the perception of beauty one product at a time.

"Freshen Your Expression" culminates the driving forces behind Purus in one catchy phrase. Strongly against animal testing, we test on ourselves and friends. Avoiding as many chemicals, irritants, and carcinogens as possible, we have been formulating since August 2005.

Our products symbolize pure expression and individuality. Cosmetics are temporary enhancements, tattoos, and masks. We can transform them in so many ways, and conventional cosmetic marketing does not show that to the consumer.

As current CEO & Founder, Dana began researching at the age of 13, after a life-turning diagnosis. Worried about cancer, she searched for things to avoid. Most of the searches lead to the truth that most people do not want to hear: Our conventional cosmetics contain known carcinogens, altering ingredients, and untested chemicals.

After purchasing high end cosmetics with a year's worth of allowance and savings, no 13 year old woudl want to throw it all away. Instead Dana knew she wanted to make a product safe to wear, affordabe, and pigmented so "less product was actually more."

After 4 years of hard work, and a great opportunity from NFTE, Purus Cosmetics is real and operating.

Even though it is in the first 6 months of operations, beauty lovers that cross paths with us find the values, story, and products worth spreading the word.

This is Purus Cosmetics: Freshen Your Expression with the Brand Made by Hand."
Yet again, ahead of the curve, our fellow Bloggin' Beaut Jes from JesMakeup4e1 has her review of Purus Cosmetics up here.

To jump on the bandwagon and support Dana, click here. You are allowed to get 5 samples for a penny each, so you really have no excuse for not trying it out y'all!

And if you thought that was it, you were wrong. Dana is a Bloggin' Beaut for a reason: check out her blog Freshen Your Expression here.

Heard of it? Intrigued? Let me know!

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