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Friday, October 2, 2009

New Date!

Alright guys!

So sorry for the delay. Blame it on birthdays, Jews, and fashion week. :)

I have the event e-vite up here. Copy and paste the webpage here to RSVP.

The event is $15. There are two time sensitive goodies that were supposed to have hit in time for the event last time for y'all lovely NY ladies, but the event had to be postponed for numerous reasons. The timing happened to be disastrous, so I didn't get past sending a quick e-mail about the rain check to the invitees.

Anyway! RSVP & prepay ASAP (I'd suggest before 10/8) to get the benefits!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Company Spotlight: Purus Cosmetics

Here's another installment of Company Spotlight with the Bloggin' Beauts... I'm getting good at these aren't I? :)

Today we have Purus Cosmetics. This is one of those stories that I'm happy to say I've heard personally. Usually, you pick up a magazine or turn on the tv and hear about a young entrepreneur and wonder why you couldn't be so resourceful or money-savvy when you were younger. But lo and behold, it is one of our own Bloggin' Beauts! (I personally am also heavily envious of her html savvyness, but that's for my personal well of wishes...)

Welcome Dana Laurie (known to twitteratti & youtube as danapotter16), founder and creator of Purus Cosmetics.

About the company from the site:
"Every company has a great story. Purus Cosmetics is no exception.

Purus Cosmetics stands for much more than another brand trying to make people look perfect. We aim to change the perception of beauty one product at a time.

"Freshen Your Expression" culminates the driving forces behind Purus in one catchy phrase. Strongly against animal testing, we test on ourselves and friends. Avoiding as many chemicals, irritants, and carcinogens as possible, we have been formulating since August 2005.

Our products symbolize pure expression and individuality. Cosmetics are temporary enhancements, tattoos, and masks. We can transform them in so many ways, and conventional cosmetic marketing does not show that to the consumer.

As current CEO & Founder, Dana began researching at the age of 13, after a life-turning diagnosis. Worried about cancer, she searched for things to avoid. Most of the searches lead to the truth that most people do not want to hear: Our conventional cosmetics contain known carcinogens, altering ingredients, and untested chemicals.

After purchasing high end cosmetics with a year's worth of allowance and savings, no 13 year old woudl want to throw it all away. Instead Dana knew she wanted to make a product safe to wear, affordabe, and pigmented so "less product was actually more."

After 4 years of hard work, and a great opportunity from NFTE, Purus Cosmetics is real and operating.

Even though it is in the first 6 months of operations, beauty lovers that cross paths with us find the values, story, and products worth spreading the word.

This is Purus Cosmetics: Freshen Your Expression with the Brand Made by Hand."
Yet again, ahead of the curve, our fellow Bloggin' Beaut Jes from JesMakeup4e1 has her review of Purus Cosmetics up here.

To jump on the bandwagon and support Dana, click here. You are allowed to get 5 samples for a penny each, so you really have no excuse for not trying it out y'all!

And if you thought that was it, you were wrong. Dana is a Bloggin' Beaut for a reason: check out her blog Freshen Your Expression here.

Heard of it? Intrigued? Let me know!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Some Fashion to Your Beauty

The Bloggin' Beauts is meant to be more than just beauty, we want to include the fashion and beauty bloggers of NY to mingle and find new products.

Last event, I hauled magazines from all over the world and of all varieties. This time around, we are lucky to have Fashion Magazine - the leading Canadian fashion magazine join us in the event, and school us in fashion outside of the US.


Click here to check out their internet page and all the great online content they have to offer!

I'm excited to see how this adds into the mix and who else will participate in NYCBB Fall 2009. How about you?

Have you heard of this mag? Does this news brighten your day?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Company Spotlight: Pencil Me In Cosmetics

For another installment of Company Spotlight, today we have Pencil Me In Cosmetics. I first came across this company at the NY Makeup Show 2009. The liners are all natural so they're crazy good for your skin, and the colors come in such a variety, that a Crayola box may get jeal0us. And they're only $6.99 each! (Click here to purchase).


Check out some info from the site:
"My name is Linda Eisner and it is with pleasure that I introduce to you my creation “pencil me in” – a unique line of eye liner pencils. After working for over twenty years in the cosmetics industry, personalizing private label lines for several major companies, I decided to launch “pencil me in” eye accent pencils for you. These innovative cosmetic pencils provide long lasting consistent color. All 30 shades were custom created to boost ever-changing styles. The shades range from toasty browns and smoky greys to vivid purple to frosted shades of blue and green to metallic bronze to subtle glitter. There are sensational choices for people of all races, genders and skin tones. Application is silky smooth without pulling the delicate skin around your eyes. For your convenience, I also included a free a pencil sharpener built into every cap.

My extensive experience in color cosmetics and skin care enabled me to develop this exclusive formula. The finest natural ingredients are included to appeal to retailers and consumers searching for premium natural products at a reasonable price. Anti-oxidants and vitamins have been included to help to protect the eye area from daily exposure to destructive elements. “pencil me in” eye accent pencils is the newest “green” cosmetic!

Antioxidants are vitamins, minerals and enzymes that help protect the body from the formation of free radicals. Free radicals are highly destructive chemicals that damage cells and contribute to many diseases. Antioxidants deactivate free radicals. Many scientists believe that free radical damage is a major factor in the aging process. By absorbing anti-oxidants and supplements into the body, damage caused by free radicals can be minimized. Clinical data has revealed that vitamins and anti-oxidants added to cosmetic products that are used in the eye area like “pencil me in” eye accent pencils help to keep the delicate tissue around the eye area soft and smooth.

“Pencil me in” cosmetics has added natural ingredients and blended botanicals like Green Tea Leaf Extract, Pine Bark Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Lecithin, Shea Butter, Cacao Butter, Jojoba Oil, Wheat germ oil, and Safflower seed oil. It also includes Vitamins A (Retinyl Palmitate), B2 (Riboflavin), B3 (Niacin), C (Ascorbic Acid), Vitamin D and Vitamin E (Tocopherol). For complete ingredient listing click here

Notation: The formula does contain beeswax."

Also, click here for looks and tips from Pencil Me In Cosmetics.


Want to know what the Bloggin' Beauts think about it? One of our Bloggin' Beauts Jes reviewed this product, even before the get together! Check out the video here (it starts at 7:20).

Have you ever tried Pencil Me In?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

NYCBB Fall 2009

As the clock ticks closer to 9/20, I figured I'd start letting y'all in on the companies that will be participating!

A returning beloved company: Korres.


A new addition to the NYCBB fam: Dr. Miracles.


Another newbie to our display: Erno Laszlo


Revlon lashes.


My Lip Stuff Lip Balm - just wait to see what they got!

If you want to see someone here or love who you see, let me know!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Little Behind...

When I picked up the phone to confirm Miss Jackie for our event, I heard someone say "What's Pimpin'?" ... My crazy behind was thrown wayyy off track and I asked for Jackie. To which the response was: "Ohhh I'm sorry, I thought you were my nephew - I was trying to act young!" That's when I knew she was a perfect match.

magazine featured our feisty gal Jackie Saulsbery in their August 2009 issue. Who's Jackie? Miss Jackie is the hot mama who was a godsend (or rather a Zoyasend) to the Bloggin' Beauts for the July event. :)

We all got spoiled with 3free manis from Zoya and we got to know Miss Jackie. What did we learn? She sure has professionalism down pat! No matter how much we all poked an prodded she would not give up a single name of a client who was... well... unpleasant. You know what? Judging by her you'd think such people didn't exist!


There's Jackie perfecting Adina's (from KraseyBeauty) mani!
I can spot the Zoya 3-in-1 formula Remove - can you?

Check the mag or click on the image and squint at the page to see Jackie's tips to keep your tips healthy and spiffy!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Product Reviews

Hey y'all

I've been a bit negligent in the Bloggin' Beauts love, but I promise, I am back on the working wagon. Excuse me as I post a plethora of product raves and reviews for the companies that were present at the 7/25 gathering!

Check out some of mine:


Rockin' an ORLY polish that swung by the Bloggin' Beauts part-ay: here.

It's called Chica-Boom and it boom-ed my socks off :)

Impressed with the Fing'rs on my fingers here.


Nailing it with Nailene and their manikit here.

check out the Thevi blog here!

And let's not forget the oldie but goodie review of Thevi eyeshadow and lipstick here!

Keep checking back - I will be posting the other Beauts' reviews and the rest of mine soon!
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