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Monday, August 31, 2009

Product Reviews

Hey y'all

I've been a bit negligent in the Bloggin' Beauts love, but I promise, I am back on the working wagon. Excuse me as I post a plethora of product raves and reviews for the companies that were present at the 7/25 gathering!

Check out some of mine:


Rockin' an ORLY polish that swung by the Bloggin' Beauts part-ay: here.

It's called Chica-Boom and it boom-ed my socks off :)

Impressed with the Fing'rs on my fingers here.


Nailing it with Nailene and their manikit here.

check out the Thevi blog here!

And let's not forget the oldie but goodie review of Thevi eyeshadow and lipstick here!

Keep checking back - I will be posting the other Beauts' reviews and the rest of mine soon!

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